Mommy Memes

Sometimes we just need a good laugh at our own expense.  Life as parents can be so overwhelming, but at least we know that we’re all in the same boat.  So, if you’re having a tough day, instead of pulling your hair out, or hiding in a closet, just grab a glass of wine and (as my son would say) chillax.  Know that there are many of us laughing along with you.  Here’s your first of many mom funnies to make the tough journey just a little easier. Enjoy, mothas!

Daughter and dad bond with gymnastics

How cute is this dad? Ash Mills, 41, found a way to bond with his daughter and get some exercise at the same time! His 9-year-old, Alex, spends 30 hours per week doing gymnastics, so he decided to join her. “I had no fear and I was happy to try it,” he told “A couple of things we did were quite funny so my partner started to film them. We laugh an awful lot.” As a high-rise window cleaner and a marathon runner, Ash was already quite fit to begin and a marathon runner, Ash was already quite fit to begin with, but his biggest downfall is flexibility. Despite that, this Australian dad can perform quite a few moves but, most importantly, he manages to spend some quality time with his beloved daughter.


“Thank you for never ever ever being too much of a man to be my mom.”

Although my blog is dedicated to mothers, as I can relate with them the most, I don’t want to take anything away from the dads.  Especially the hands-on, loving, protective, leader, role model, and spiritual leader dads.  I am so fortunate to have that kind of father.  My children are fortunate to have the same.  I don’t take it for granted. A father is a life changer.  A dad’s impact can be felt long after his children have grown.  It’s the kind of influence that motivates us to move mountains just to make him proud.  I still think of my own dad when I strive to be a better person, a better daughter, a better friend.  He’s always in the back of my mind and always in my heart.

Then there are the dads who take on the mother and father roles.  The single dads, and there are so many out there, who carry the weight of both parents.  I cannot imagine being a single parent.  The thought of it alone overwhelms me.  So, to all the single dads, this is a beautiful tribute from a daughter, Tianna Sheehan, to her dad.  May it be a reminder that your effort, your love, and your devotion does not go unnoticed, even when its a seemingly thankless job.  Rest assured, it isn’t.

“Today at Meijer, I walked up to select my shaving cream and overheard a mother talking to her daughter about shaving her legs. It was her first time shopping for razors, and her mom was explaining what kind of razor she needed, how to shave her legs, etc. I felt that little punch in the gut that I normally feel when I see a mom and daughter doing mom and daughter things. I can’t help it. You’d think after 14 years without mine, seeing someone with their mom wouldn’t make me sad or jealous, but it just does. This time, however, I couldn’t help but giggle. I was transported back to a similar moment I shared with my Dad. I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face when I told him I wanted to shave my legs. It was the summer after mom died and some of the girls I went to summer camp with started teasing me about my hairy legs. I remember coming up to dad and being so embarrassed to ask him for help, but man, did he handle it like a champ! For a moment he put his head down; and then he turned the TV off, took me into the bathroom, gave me a new blade on his razor, gave me his shaving cream, and taught me how to shave my legs.
Single dads don’t get the credit they deserve; especially mine and all dads who are left playing both roles. There was never a time in my childhood where I truly thought I was missing out on anything. My dad was so good at fulfilling both roles and making sure my childhood was as normal as possible; that there was never a time I thought Life or God had screwed me over. My dad handled everything: periods, shaving, broken hearts, catty girlfriends–you name it and my dad took it like a champ.
Dad, I know I haven’t said it enough, so here’s a big public THANK YOU for never, ever, ever being too much of a man to be my mom. Thank you for never being too embarrassed to do the girl stuff you had to do, thank you for never making it embarrassing for me to ask you for help. Growing up without a mom is obviously something no one ever wants, but growing up with you was the best. I love you, Dad!” (via Love What Matters)
Submitted by Tiana Sheehan