Our ghostly encounters in downtown Houston

Do you like a good scare? Although I’m not a fan of scary stuff, especially paranaormal activity like I used to be, its sometimes fun to get a little scared…deliciously scared! Do a little research, and you will find that there are many haunted spots in our very own downtown Houston that are not only some of the most haunted places in H-town, but also make the list for the most haunted places in Texas. I’ve had experiences with two of these places, the spooky Esperson Building and the creepy Spaghetti Warehouse. If you are ever brave enough to go on a chilling adventure with the kids to one of these places, just remember to enter at your own risk, keep the Ghostbusters on speed dial, be aware of your surroundings, and be afraid…be very afraaaaid…Buuuuaaaahaaaahaaaa!

I once worked in the Esperson Building, 808 Travis Street. For those of you who are familiar with downtown, its one of the oldest and most recognizable buildings in Houston. Mellie Esperson had the two buildings constructed for her husband, Niels, an oil tycoon, in 1927 and 1941. It is said that when they died, their ashes were entombed in the cupola at the top of the building and that Mellie still roams the hallways and elevators watching over her buildings. There have been several sightings of her in the hallways and the elevator, which has been known to open on its own and frequently malfunction. While working there, there were certainly places in the building that gave me goosebumps. There were several times when file cabinets mysteriously opened on their own and a frequent sensation that someone was standing behind you. The very old Renaissance inspired hallways are so eerily reminiscent of the hallways in “The Shining”. One time, we had a contractor in the building who was working late one night. As he was leaving, he saw a lady waving at the very end of the hallway…as he waved back, he suddenly noticed that she did not have any feet. She was floating. Needless to say, he never returned to work. The eyes of the people in the paintings on the walls are also said to move, following your every move. The building management offers tours, so if you ever want a good scare or possible ghost encounters, this is the place for you. Try contacting Cameron Management for a tour. http://www.cameronmanagement.com/


Another well known haunted building is the Spaghetti Warehouse at 901 Commerce. This location became a restaurant in 1974. Prior to its current establishment, the building had a varied life. It was built in the early 1900s as a fruit and vegetable warehouse. It later became a pharmaceutical company before becoming a restaruant. As the story goes, a young pharmacist died after falling down the elevator shaft. His wife was so grief-stricken that she died a year later. The pair of ghosts allegedly have haunted the building ever since. Some people have reported seeing floating objects in the building and employees have reported sightings on the second floor. There is said to be a male spirit in the restroom.

My son and his grandparents went to eat there for the first time yesterday. What they experienced, has them now believing in the paranormal. As they were eating, grandpa kept noticing people go up to the 2nd floor. However, he noticed that nobody ever came back down. So, they assumed there was a party going on up there. When they asked the waiter, the waiter told them that they could go tour the upstairs and take a look for themselves if they wanted. As they climbed to the 2nd floor expecting to see all the people that had gone up there, they were startled to see that it was completely dark and completely empty. There was only 1 person up there, an employee who was eating. Where were all those people they had seen go up there? They spoke briefly to the employee and she said that she hates being alone up there and was glad that they showed up. She said she only eats there because thats where employees have to eat, but that many strange things happen up there. They noticed a closet at the end of the room. My son and his grandma both walked up to it and put their ear against it. What they heard, had them back up in a hurry and want to immediately leave. They both heard a very loud, heavy breathing coming from the other side. It was an annoyed sound, like someone who was disgruntled about having anyone up there. The employee said she was the only one up there, so who was making that sound? As all of that was going on, my son’s grandpa tried to snap a picture. Yet, when he tried to take a picture his phone suddenly and mysterioulsy went dead. He still had plenty of charge left on his battery, so it is quite startling that as soon as he tried to snap a picture, the battery drained and went dead. Thats when they decided to immediately leave the place. They came home telling me the story of their encounter as they were still trying to make sense of what happened. My son said that he really believes in ghosts now and that now he knows that Ghostbusters had to have been based on a true story.

While they weren’t able to get a picture of their visit, here is an image that came from other visitors of the warehouse. Can you spot the ghost in the picture?
Look closely on the right side of the picture.

So, there you have it. While there are many things to do in Houston this summer, if your family ever wants to experience a little paranormal activity then take a chilling adventure to one of these haunted places and have scary stories of your own to tell.

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