A powerful tribute to mothers: You Are Mighty.

This video is a touching tribute to mothers.  I was in tears watching it because it rings so true.  We often get lost in the ordinary of motherhood, without remembering that what we are doing is truly extraordinary.  I took it upon myself to transcribe the words from the video below.  They are impactful.  Watch the video, read the words, remember them, and share them with the mighty women in your life.  If you take anything away from this tribute, take away these words:  You are mighty. 

“There are those who say that this is ordinary, but don’t’ let that fool you. Motherhood will always be the greatest, least ordinary, most difficult, utterly challenging career that anyone ever hopes to lay claim to.

While others might hear diaper-changer, food-maker, laundry-doer, carpooler, bottle-washer, sweat pants-wearer, life on hold, want to be doing anything else woman. The truth is, whether it feels like it some days or not, you are in fact a shelter from the storm. You are a cape of good hope. You are a warrior who will do battle for your children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, education and memories. Go to battle my friends. This is your time. We will hold strong on either side of you. We will pray for those bottles through the dark watches of the night and when doubt comes and children break when adults fail them; and when they push and push as hard against us as the day we delivered them into this world, WE WILL NOT BE BROKEN.

We may ache and see cracks tear through our hearts, but we will get up again tomorrow and we will load the clothes and the words that need to be said again and again and again. When the world tries to paw at them, to break them, to smash the beauty in them, may our wall hold true. May the lessons we’ve told them, truths we’ve lived, the light we’ve spoken into them, come back easily, predictably, with wash and repeat ease. Kingdom business. Jesus work. This shaping of souls, this raising tiny humans. There are those who say this is ordinary. Don’t buy it for a second. Mighty. You are mighty…because you mother.”

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