I am a wife, a teacher, an artist, an illustrator, a blogger, a runner, a yogi, and a big dreamer, but above all, I am a mother.  I have three beautiful boys and they have inspired this blog dedicated to mothers of all kinds and of all backgrounds. Whether you are a birth mom, an adoptive mom, a single mom, a working mom, a stay at home mom, a foster mom, a surrogate mom, or just an unconventional mom, this is a place to connect. We each have our own story in the journey of motherhood so let’s share those stories.  Let’s inspire each other, share our advice and ideas, and celebrate our commonalities as well as our differences.

I offer advice on my own experiences and share my successes and challenges as a mom.  In addition to parenting, I also have a wealth of knowledge to share in some of my favorite hobbies, such as running, yoga, art, among other things.  I am not an expert in any of those areas, but I do have some great ideas to share with you.  I also worked in Human Resources for ten years prior to becoming an Art Teacher.  Through my blog, I am able to share much of my HR knowledge with you, as I know it can be difficult for moms in the workforce.  I have experience that I hope will help other moms in areas such as resume building, job hunting, interview skills, promotion negotiation, benefits, and other areas.  Additionally, I also share the stories, advice, and experiences from other moms who will inspire you, just as they did for me.  Coming together as a strong network of mothers is a small step for moms, and a giant leap for momkind.  (Get used to my corny jokes.  I’m full of them.)

So I invite you to grab some cozy coffee or a nice glass of wine and stay a while.  Read, relax, and enjoy!