Check out this dad killing it with this old school rap! Great message for parents and kids.

This dad seriously has some skills! Love the motivational message behind it.  Now here’s a little something I threw together for you —

He’s a motivational speaker by day and a rapper by night

I came across this video and thought it was alright.

I must admit sometimes I like to throw out some lines.

I really like his daddy rap, now do you like mines?

Word to your motha’.

HA! Okokok, maybe I’m not a grand master rapper, but I do appreciate a good rap when I hear one, and this dad’s got skills. Derek Clark is not only a rapper, but he’s also a motivational speaker and has a very positive message to give out to kids and also other parents. This is a little about Derek’s story.

“I had a rough start in life and felt rejected and broken for many years, but despite my childhood growing up in foster care, I’m really trying hard to give my kids a better life and break the cycle. I try to show them a positive outlook and to never let a mistake or the past infect their future, to never give up on their dreams. My dreams are what kept me alive during the hardest times of my life. Despite what the haters write about me… Rapping Dad is vehicle to connect… it’s all about having a fun and unique way to connect with my kids creatively. Every parent has the ability to show their kids that they are important…just listen to them and be fun, fair and firm. There is nothing wrong about being a fun, enthusiastic and optimistic dad. My kids will tell you I’m not their best friend. I’m a fun dad but my job is to help them find their calling in life. It’s all about passing on generational blessings instead of generational curses. I’m not perfect but I do try to bring light to the ones’ that are lost in the dark…for I once was too. I sincerely thank you all for following my page, for supporting and sharing our videos…for your wonderful messages and comments. You. Are. Amazing! and I appreciate you all!!!” – Derek Clark

And that’s a rap, folks!

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