Pregnant Mom Feels Burning ‘Down There’ During Ultrasound. OB-GYN’s Mistake Has Them In Hysterics

Rachel and Chris McQueen were excited to welcome their sixth child into the world. The Kentucky couple recently went on their regular prenatal ultrasound at her OBGYN’s office. What they didn’t know was their visit would leave them in hysterics as they recount the big mistake her doctor made that left her screaming in discomfort.

They realized the doctor had switched the lubrucating gel with something else. Something that shouldn’t be used down there.

When they got back in their car, they turned on the camera and recounted the events leaving them laughing hysterically while making us goggle right along with them. Watch their video and hear it from their perspective.

“The worse thing in OB history just happened to me,” she begins.





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