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Summer Art Activity for Kids

Moms, summertime has arrived!  As such, I’m sure you need ways to keep the kiddos entertained.  As an elementary Art Teacher, I know of so many fun and easy art projects you can do at home with your kids or just have them watch the tutorial and let their creative imaginations go! Many of the activities require things that you probably already have at home, so no need to go out and buy much, if anything. My son and I will be doing a series of art project tutorials throughout the summer, so subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

The first one in the series is called Reflections. You don’t need much for it and you probably already have these in your home.  Play the video tutorial for the steps and below is what you’ll need:

1. White paper – Most kinds of paper will work. We are using regular copy paper in the video.
2. Crayola markers or any kind of washable markers. Just make sure none of them are permanent markers (like Sharpies)
3. Paper towels
4. Spray bottle with water; if you don’t have a spray bottle you can just use a wet rag or sponge.

You can create almost anything with these reflections, so be creative and like I always tell my students……TRY YOUR BEST! Enjoy and happy summer!